AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T)’s 5G Is Now Live In Additional 22 States In the US


AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) has established 5G service in an additional 22 states in the US. With this rollout, the businesses and consumers in 80 markets of the US can now use unlimited 5G wireless plans.

The latest launch of 5G network

AT&T has rolled out 5G recently in locations that comprise Denver, Colorado; Hamilton, Columbus, Spring Field, Ross County, Cincinnati, Ohio; Lincoln County, Beaverhead County, Montessori; Worcester, Massachusetts; Athens and Albany, Georgia; Santa Rosa, Mono County, and Madera County, California; Provo, Utah; Raleigh County, West Virginia; State College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; and Sussex County, New Jersey. The company also offers the fastest internet connection (5G) in parts of the thirty-five cities. It allows customers to enjoy 20 times faster internet speeds when compared to 4G.

Boon for customers of AT&T

The launch of 5G in additional cities is just before unveiling Samsung’s Galaxy 20 series. Customers of AT&T can enjoy the blazing of speeds of the Internet on their Samsung Galaxy 20 devices. The 5G network is offered in two flavors: millimeter wave and low band spectrum.

The 5G network that works on a low band spectrum covers over 80 million people. It offers impressive speeds for customers over wider distances when compared to 5G+. The customers, who need blazing speeds and best performance while on the move, can choose this connection. Millimeter wave-based 5G+ network offers limited connectivity. The customers at sports venues, hospitals, universities, and businesses can enjoy enhanced Internet 5G+.

AT&T offers millimeter-wave 5G service to all customers. The devices that support low band 5G and mmWave 5G are Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S20+. AT&T’s competitors in the 5G race include T-Mobile and Verizon.

The wireless network of AT&T covers over 99% of the people in the US. It is one of the best and fastest internet connections. The company offers seamless wireless connectivity to over 400 million North Americans. Key drivers for the growth of AT&T include network expansion and an increase in subscriber base.

Collaborates with Google Cloud

AT&T collaborates with Google Cloud to support businesses to utilize edge computing capabilities and edge connections. The collaboration is on the backdrop of improved 5G deployments that support large amounts of data.